Literary name
"white shadow, white wave"

Wendy Origin and Meaning

The name Wendy is a girl's name of English origin.
Wendy was invented by Sir James Barrie in 1904 for the big sister charater in his play Peter Pan; he supposedly took it from the nickname Fwendy-Wendy that he was called by a young girl acquaintance. Wendy's heyday was once upon a time; it's now seen as bouncy and peppy—the perfect babysitter (or mom) name. It currently ranks at Number 854, a bit of a bump from its all time low of Number 936 in 2015.

Wendy Popularity


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Famous People Named Wendy

  • Wendy MassAmerican novelist
  • Wendy DavisAmerican actress
  • Wendy Jean (Russell) DavisAmerican politician
  • Wendy RichardEnglish actress
  • Wendy Joan WilliamsAmerican TV personality
  • Wendy WilsonAmerican singer of Wilson Phillips; sister of Carnie Wilson and daughter of Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson
  • Wendy BeckettBritish nun and art historian
  • Wendy FitzwilliamTrinidadian beauty queen, Miss Universe 1998, third African winner
  • Wendy Cheng aka XiaXueSingaporean blogger
  • Wendy TurnbullAustralian tennis player
  • Wendy Drennenlead singer of American Christian rock band Fireflight
  • Wendy Margaret HillerEnglish actress
  • Wendy Carlos (born Walter Carlos)American composer
  • Wendy WassersteinAmerican playwright
  • Melinda Lou "Wendy" ThomasMorse, American namesake and spokeswoman for Wendy's restaurants
  • Wendy Jane CrewsonCanadian actress
  • Wendy McElroyCanadian feminist and magazine editor
  • Wendy CopeEnglish poet
  • Wendy BrownAmerican political scientist
  • Wenda "Wendy" VereenAmerican sprinter
  • Wendy BruceAmerican Olympic gymnast
  • Wendystage name of Shon Seung,wan, Canadian,Korean singer of girl group Red Velvet

Wendy in Pop Culture

  • Wendy Testaburgercharacter in "South Park"
  • Wendy Beauchampcharacter in “Witches of East End” Lifetime TV Series
  • Wendy Williamscharacter in "South Park"
  • Wendy Moira Angela Darlingcharacter in J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan"
  • Winifred "Wendy" Torrance character in "The Shining" by Stephen King
  • Wendy Marvellcharacter in the anime "Fairy Tail"
  • Wendy Corduroycharacter in animated TV series "Gravity Falls"
  • Wendy Simmscharacter on TV's "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
  • Wendycharacter on TV's "Into the Dark"
  • "Wendy and Lucy" 2008 movie
  • Wendy Christensencharacter in movie "Final Destination 3"
  • "Wendy" song by The Beach Boys
  • Wendy Luella Everlymain character in the "Trylle Trilogy" by Amanda Hocking
  • Wendy'sAmerican fast food chain

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