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Gender: Female Origin of Wendy: Literary name

The name Wendy is a girl's name of English origin. Wendy and is often added to lists like Baby Girl Names Ending in Y and discussed in our forums with posts like "Drop Your Favorite: GIRLS!".

From the experts:

Wendy was invented by Sir James Barrie in 1904 for the big sister charater in his play Peter Pan; he supposedly took it from the nickname Fwendy-Wendy that he was called by a young girl acquaintance. Wendy's heyday was once upon a time; it's now seen as bouncy and peppy—the perfect babysitter (or mom) name. It currently ranks at Number 854, a bit of a bump from its all time low of Number 936 in 2015.

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Famous People Named Wendy

Wendy Drennen, lead singer of American Christian rock band Fireflight
Wendy Mass, American novelist
Wendy Davis, American actress
Wendy Davis (born Wendy Jean Russell), American politician
Wendy Richard, English actress
Wendy Williams, American TV personality
Wendy Wilson, American singer of Wilson Phillips; sister of Carnie Wilson and daughter of Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson
Sister Wendy Beckett, British nun and art historian
Wendy Fitzwilliam, Trinidadian beauty queen, Miss Universe 1998, third African winner
Wendy Cheng aka XiaXue, Singaporean blogger
Wendy Turnbull, Australian tennis player
Wendy Margaret Hiller, English actress
Wendy Carlos (born Walter Carlos), American composer
Wendy Wasserstein, American playwright
Wendy Jane Crewson, Canadian actress
Wendy McElroy, Canadian feminist and magazine editor
Wendy Cope, English poet
Wendy Bruce, U.S. Olympic gymnast
Wendy Son / Son Seunghwan, Canadian-Korean singer, dancer and member of South Korean girl group Red Velvet

Pop Culture References for the name Wendy

Wendy Testaburger, character in "South Park"
Wendy Beauchamp , character in “Witches of East End” Lifetime TV Series
Wendy Williams, character in "South Park"
Wendy Moira Angela Darling, character in J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan"
Winifred "Wendy" Torrance character in "The Shining" by Stephen King
Wendy Marvell, character in the anime "Fairy Tail"
Wendy Corduroy, character in animated TV series "Gravity Falls"
Wendy Simms, character on TV's "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
"Wendy and Lucy," 2008 movie
Wendy Christensen, character in movie "Final Destination 3"
"Wendy," song by The Beach Boys
Wendy Luella Everly, main character in the "Trylle Trilogy" by Amanda Hocking
Wendy's, American fast food chain

Wendeline, Wendee, Wenda, Wendye, Wuendy, Wendie, Wende, Wendi, Wendey, Windy, Wendaline


FractalShadow Says:


I love this as a nickname. Anyone know of any good "longer" versions that this could be a nickname for? All I can think of are Gwendolyn and Wendell.

scblovesnames Says:


Funny story, we named instruments in band as a fun thing to do and I named mine Wendy. funny story aside, I love this name. All names were made up at one point. This is so far underused in my opinion. I'd love to meet more little Wendy's, fast food, and Peter Pan references aside.

meaganegibson Says:


My literature teacher freshman year was named Wendy. I've always thought it was a cute name

hermioneameliastyles Says:


Please for goodness sake don't pair this with Peter. I love this name and would totally use it for the Disney reference as long as I avoided Peter. This would defiantly be fitting for a little girl. I knew two Wendy's in my life a teenager and a grown adult who spelled it Wendi. I think it was more fitting on the teenager, but it's up to you. This not so popular name is not for everyone and seems to fit with the Nameberry trend of staying away from popular names that are inside the top 100.

grace147 Says:


Well, I used to like it. I think it's very cute and a very well known name, but not so popular anymore. So you could totally go for it. But the reason I can't really use this name anymore is because I know a lady who was named "wendy" and she didn't turn out too well....

EllaYu Says:


Yes the anecdote is true. And "Fwendy-Wendy" sadly passed away in her childhood.

A lot of Gwendolens have nicknamed themselves "Wendy". Not a personal choice for us, I don't think, but it's a really great name.

Kailagood Says:


With this name i cant help but remember a line in a movie. In Where the heart is novili tells moses whitecott that she was thinking of naming her daughter Wendi with a i. Moses response "oh don't you dare!!! give that baby a name that means something a good sturdy name. I like the name wendy but that line in that movie is bore into my brain.