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Venetia Origin and Meaning

The name Venetia is a girl's name of Italian origin.
Venetia, the name of the region encompassing Venice, has a radiant, picturesque authenticity, as do the related Venezia and Venice.

Venetia is the title of a novel by Benjamin Disraeli centering on the character Venetia Herbert, and Venetia Anastasia Stanley was a famous seventeenth century beauty.

Verona is another pretty Italian place name possibility.

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Famous People Named Venetia

  • Venetia Anastasia StanleyEnglish beauty; wife of scientist/adventurer Sir Kenelm Digby ("putting her notorious life behind her and becoming a model wife")
  • Venetia Mary StanleySmith Kajiyama, English aristocrat turned expatriate living in Japan known for her NHK television show "At Home with Venetia in Kyoto".
  • Venetia Katharine Douglas BurneyEnglish mathematician who named the planet Pluto as a schoolgirl in 1930
  • Venetia Scottfashion editor/stylist/photographer
  • Venetia DeardenEnglish photographer
  • Venetia BoweIrish actress
  • (Joanna) Venetia Invicta StevensonAnglo,American actress
  • (Beatrice) Venetia Stanley MontaguEnglish socialite; descendant of Venetia Stanley
  • Rosalind Venetia Lane Fox PittRivers, English biochemist

Venetia in Pop Culture

  • Venetia (1837)novel by Benjamin Disraeli
  • Venetia Lanyonmain character in "Venetia" (1958) by Georgette Heyer
  • Venetia Grime Cartercharacter in Sophie Kinsella's "Shopaholic" series
  • Venetia Yewbeamcharacter in Jenny Nimmo's "The Children of the Red King"
  • Venetia Scottcharacter in book/film "The Man Who Lost Himself"

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