English, feminine variation of Thomas

Thomasin Origin and Meaning

The name Thomasin is a girl's name of English origin.
Pre-Thomasina female form of Thomas, now seen as more literary and upscale British. In Thomas Hardy's novel The Return of the Native, a leading character is Thomasin Yeobright.

Thomasin Popularity

20 Names Similar to Thomasin

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Famous People Named Thomasin

  • Thomasin Miranda "Thomy" LawsonEnglish actress
  • Thomasin McKenzieNew Zealand actress
  • Thomasin LanglandsCanadian actress
  • Thomasin Frankendaughter of politician and comedian Al Franken

Thomasin in Pop Culture

  • Thomasin ("Tamsin") YeobrightClym's thoughtful cousin in Thomas Hardy's 1878 novel The Return of the Native
  • Thomasinmain character in the 2015 movie "The VVitch"

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