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Gender: F Pronunciation: THAI-ees Meaning of Thais: "bandage" Origin of Thais: Greek

A paramour of Alexander the Great and the heroine of a Jules Massenet opera based on the life of a fourth century Egyptian saint, this name is nothing if not dramatic.

Famous People Named Thais

Thais, Athenian hetaera (courtesan), wife of Ptolemy I (Soter) of Egypt, whom she married ca. 335 BC, and mother of Lagus, Leontiscus and Eirene
Taissa Farmiga, US actress

Pop Culture References for the name Thais

Thaisa, daughter to Simonides (King of Pentapolis) in Shakespeare's Pericles (1609 play)
French spelling: THAÏS
Thais, a character in K.A. Barker's "The Book of Days"