Gender: Female Meaning of Tempest: "turbulent, stormy" Origin of Tempest: Word name

The name Tempest is a girl's name of English origin meaning "turbulent, stormy". Tempest and is often added to lists like Unique Girl Names: Unusual and Rare and discussed in our forums with posts like "Baby a Day".

From the experts:

Tempest is one of those names that could go either way. Cool, evocative modern word name? Or asking for trouble? Your call, but if you decide the former image is dominant, be warned that some people will see it as the latter.

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Tempeste, Tempestt


catcher5 Says:


There is a girl on my daughter’s swim team named Tempest. It wears beautifully in real life, and I wouldn’t have thought it would have. It brings Shakespeare to mind, more than anything else.

George Jones Says:


This whole site is focused on how your child and other people will perceive their name. If tempest, star and candy are good names, so is doctor and salmon. Ridiculous complaint.

RainstreamofSpiritClan Says:


I'm not sure how the meaning storm makes it masculine? I consider Storm itself a girl's name and would never consider it for a boy (maybe just because I have a niece, who is older than me, named Storm)

Temp314 Says:


Yeah, I don’t know why it lists only girls on here. I’m a guy and my name’s Tempest.

connor Says:


Why is this name only meant for girls?

MadelineM Says:


I'd like it better as a boy's name. Also sounds like a great book name.

eveyalecia Says:


My first reaction is that this seems like a cool literary name. I certainly wouldn't have thought of it as a stripper name-- what's the criteria there? Any nature or noun name? Or is it just that Tempest sounds a little like Temptress? Regardless, this name isn't really my style, but I wouldn't think anything of seeing it on a child, other than that it was unique.

zenithstarr Says:


This name gives me shivers im so in love!! For sure a name or middle name I will consider

FantasyandPrayer Says:


This is so, so beautiful!! If not for a first name then it would make an absolutely stunning middle name. Nicknames Tem/Temmy and Stormy would be cute and it could also work for a boy imo :)

caetano Says:


definitely a boys name

Stephykneejo Says:


You seem like the classy one here, with your vast knowledge of what names strippers do and do not use. To a lot of people, it does relate to something outwardly negative. You can use whatever name you choose, but the risk of everyone's perceptions of the name still stand. Stereotypes exist. We may not like them, but they do change how people perceive things, and there are several examples of stereotypes being true.

iipostmvh Says:


My comment still stands. Stripper, now "stage names", are wide ranging. Anyone who upon meeting a baby Tempest, Star, Candy, and thinks stripper needs to get a little class themselves. I think my main issue is just the labeling of any good name. As long as it's not Related to something outwardly negative, Isis, Adolph, for some Fidel, etc etc, let's not brand the name!

Stephykneejo Says:


Except that strippers use stage names, and this qualifies. A stripper stage name is more accurate.

iipostmvh Says:


Okay Nameberry (and anyone else) I take offense to the stripper comment. Every single name is a "stripper" name. Contrary to popular belief, there are strippers named Mary, Ava, Olivia, and *gasp* Emma too. A name does not define who or what a child becomes. Please let's stop labeling names as stripper names, low class, tacky, etc. Interestingly, this is much more common with historically female names.

_Theresa_ Says:


I think this is a boy's name as well... It's not just for girls, especially given the meaning is storm.

Zelliew Says:


It would be a laugh at the parents if she had a bad temper

bootsie Says:


Honestly most of the names Nameberry calls "stripper names" really just sound more like horse names.

wavygirl Says:


i agree... Tenperance btw is nice... but.... actually Tempest is cool... Samara Tempest Quinn is a cool name

Imnotputtingmynameonline Says:


More livable than Temperance but not quite as pretty... Stormy could be a cute nickname though.