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Gender: Female Meaning of Teagan: "little poet or fair" Origin of Teagan: Irish or Welsh Teagan's Popularity in 2017: #175

The name Teagan is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "little poet or fair". Teagan is ranked #175 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Top Unisex Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Octuplet Game - Girls!".

From the experts:

As Meghan/Megan and Reagan/Regan show signs of wilting, along comes Teagan to take up the slack: definitely one to consider. The vast majority of American babies named Teagan are now girls. A variant spelling is Teaghan.

St. Tegan was a Welsh saint, whose name came into general use in the late twentieth century, partly inspired by a character in Doctor Who Tegan may have different roots and a different meaning from the Irish Teagan, but it also can be used for both genders.

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Famous People Named Teagan

Teagan Presley (born Ashley Ann Erickson), American adult film actress
Teagan Clive, American actress
Teagan Wouters, Australian actress
Teagan Danae Gaffney, daughter of NFL player Jabar Gaffney
Teagan Barber (b. 2016), daughter of NFL player Tiki Barber
Teagan Potenza, daughter of actor Christian Potenza
Teagan Wahle, daughter of NFL player Mike Wahle
Teagan Marie Quinn, daughter of former olympian Alicia Sacramone

Pop Culture References for the name Teagan

Teagan Janney, character on TV's "Up on High Ground"

Tegin, Taygan, Tiegan, Teegan, Tigan, Taegen


Eliza1303 Says:


Love this name pronounced Tee-gan. So cool.

Taegan Says:


My name is Taegan pronounced "tay-gan," but I often get called Teagan. Having said that, I love my name, and Taegan would be a good alternative if you do not like the "tee-gan" pronunciation. I constantly get comments on how beautiful and unique my name is!

pam Says:


Thanks for pointing this out. If the punctuation is slightly off and there are two origins and meanings, as with Teagan and Tegan, they get mixed up in terms of what's visible on the page. I have now corrected.

pindorama Says:


So true.

Auntie_A Says:


How can it mean "little poet" as a boys name & "beautiful" as a girls name? It's exactly the same name, spelled the same way.

hermioneameliastyles Says:


There's a women in my churches choir who named her daughter Teagan (Tee-gun). I really like the name. I first heard it on Tegan and Sara, but she spelled it different.

beachbear Says:


I think Tegan is okay, but the spelling Teagan makes me think of tea bags.

Wittyusername103 Says:


What about T or Tee?

Rush1986 Says:


you sunk my battleship

Essa Says:


I know of two Teagan's who both pronounce it 'tee-gan'.

ziggywiggy Says:


tea makes the tee sound, like in iced tea. you don't say iced tay.

Rush1986 Says:


then why isnt it spelt Teegan/Tegan?

yvonne_virginia Says:


Actually, it's prn. 'tee-gan.'

yvonne_virginia Says:


So do I!

Zelliew Says:


I like Teagan & feel it should be pronounced " Tee gan " as it ends in GAN. It is only a girl's name in my mind.

iamanameaddict Says:


My name is Teegan and nobody understands me when I introduce my self. I also don't like that I don't have a nickname.

PoppyOrangey Says:


I went to school with a girl named Teagan, pronounced TEE-gun. I always remembered her, because of her unique name, but I did find it a little odd amongst all the Sarahs, Samanthas, and Kaitlins. I have a very common name, but I never really favored the name Teagan and I was glad it wasn't my name. It just seems a little bit too different...

headintheclouds Says:


This is one of the fewer surname names I actually like- I'm drawn to the Tee- sound. I like Teagan for a girl and not a boy though + only the Teagan spelling, and I think pairing it with a longer and frillier name would be perfect- something like Teagan Sophia or Teagan Juliette would be lovely IMO!

Rush1986 Says:


i just dont like this name. I guess i am just over anything sounding like megan since i grew up with a million megan's, meghann's, meaghan's ugh

Alicia1 Says:


I like this name, I have not heard it before. I have heard of Keagan for a boy.

Guest Says:


I would prefer to pronounce it "tee gan".

kendallrhea1 Says:


My sister is Teagan and she doesn't have problems with being called "tay-gan" indiefendi

Guest Says:


I really like this name but I'd get mad if people kept saying "tay-gan"

edit: well that's technically the right way to say it I hear so I can't really get mad at that but I much prefer tee-gan.