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Gender: F Meaning of Taryn: "rocky hill" Origin of Taryn: Irish, variation of Tara

Taryn is an offshoot of Tara that has a variety of meanings in a variety of cultures. In 1953, Taryn was presented to the public as an invention by actors Tyrone Power and Linda Christian for their daughter's name, at which point it gained a short spurt of popularity. Taryn returned to the Top 1000 in 1974, peaking in the 1980s, and has remained on the list ever since.

Nicollette Sheridan played a character named Taryn Blake in a 1980's TV series, and Taryn Baker was the name of an O.C. character.

Famous People Named Taryn

Taryn Manning, American actress
Taryn Terrell (aka Tiffany), American pro wrestler
Taryn Winter Brill, American news correspondent
Taryn Southern, American singer/actress, contestant on "American Idol"
Taryn Power, American actress, daughter of actor Tyrone Power
Taryn Simon, American conceptual artist
Taryn Woods, Australian Olympic water polo player
Taryn Brumfitt, Australian film director and founder of The Body Image Movement

Pop Culture References for the name Taryn

Taryn, the "beautiful and bad" teenage psychiatric patient in Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, played by actress Jennifer Rubin.

Teryn, Taryna, Taron, Tarynn, Tarren, Taran, Tarryn, Tarynne, Tarnia, Taren, Tarina, Tarin