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Gender: M Meaning of Taffy: "beloved friend" Origin of Taffy: Welsh pet form of David

Taffy, in addition to being a diminutive of David, is a slang term for Welsh people in general--probably from the River Taff. Too candy-like to be used in the US.

Famous People Named Taffy

Clarence "Taffy "Abel, American ice hockey player
William "Taffy" Davies, Welsh footballer
Eugene "Taffy" O'Callaghan, Welsh footballer
Isaac "Taffy" Spelman, English footballer
Hugh "Taffy" Williams, Welsh mercenary
Taft "Taffy" Wright, American baseball player
Taffy Thomas, English storyteller

Pop Culture References for the name Taffy

Dr. Taffy Sinclair, character in The Metatemporal Detective series by Michael Moorcock
Taffy, stretchy character in video game "ClayFighter"
"Taffy was a Welshman," English nursery rhyme portraying the Welsh as thieves