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Gender: M Origin of Tad: Diminutive of Thaddeus

More than a tad meager.

Famous People Named Tad

Thomas "Tad" Lincoln, son of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln
Robert Paul "Tad" Williams, American fantasy and science fiction novelist
Tad Doyle, American musician of grunge band Tad
Thomas Aloysius "Tad" Dorgan, American cartoonist
Tad Kubler, American guitarist of band The Hold Steady
Tad Mosel, American playwright
Tad Stones, American Disney animator
Tad Hilgenbrink, American actor
Tad Danielewski, Polish-American film director

Pop Culture References for the name Tad

"Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!" 2004 movie
Thaddeus "Tad" James Martin, character in soap "All My Children"
Wayne Terrance "Tad" Reeves, character on Australian soap "Neighbours"

Tade, Thad, Tadey, Taddy, Tadek, Tadd

Tad's International Variations

Tadeo, Taddeo (Spanish) Thadeo (Italian)