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Gender: M

Variation of Cy

Variation of Simon

Famous People Named Sy

Seymour "Sy" Barry, American comic-book artist
Melvin James "Sy" Oliver, American jazz trumpeter
Sy Gomberg, American screenwriter
Sy Richardson, American actor
Simon "Sy" Wexler, American film director
Sy-David Friedman, American mathematician
Seymour Perry "Sy" Berger, American baseball card designer of Topps
Sy Syms (born Seymour Merinsky), American founder of SYMS clothing stores
Elmer Ellsworth "Sy" Sutcliffe, American baseball player
Sy Montgomery, American female naturalist and author
Sy Olivia Smith, American female R&B singer

Pop Culture References for the name Sy

Sy Snootles, female alien singer in the Star Wars series