Scottish surname
"from the city of Stirling."

Stirling Origin and Meaning

The name Stirling is a boy's name meaning "from the city of Stirling.".
Though the usual U.S. spelling is Sterling, this is the authentic Scottish family name version.

20 Names Similar to Stirling

Famous People Named Stirling

  • Stirling Craufurd MossEnglish racing driver
  • Stirling Dale SilliphantAmerican screenwriter and producer
  • Stirling Auchincloss ColgateAmerican nuclear physicist
  • Stirling Austin MortlockAustralian rugby union player
  • Stirling James HinchliffeAustralian politician
  • (Deborah Ann) Stirling GallacherEnglish actress
  • Lindsey StirlingAmerican violinist & dancer

Stirling in Pop Culture

  • StirlingScotland, UK

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