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Gender: M Origin of Steele: Word name

This steely (couldn't resist -- and neither will most other people be able to) name has a macho image that might feel more appropriate for a romance novel than a baby. But on the up side, it's also sleek and modern, familiar yet unusual, given to exactly 100 baby boys in the US last year.

Famous People Named Steele

Steele Rudd, pen name of Arthur Hoey Davis, Australian novelist
Steele Sidebottom, Australian AFL footballer
Steele Alexander Johnson, American diver
(Raymond) Steele Hall, 36th Premier of South Australia
(Harry) Steele Savage, American illustrator
Steele Retchless, Australian rugby league footballer
Steele Bishop, Australian cyclist
(James Morrison) Steele MacKaye, American actor and playwright
Steele, stage name of Darrell A. Yates, Jr., American rapper of duo Smif-N-Wessun
Steele Hunter (b. 1953), son of actors Jeffrey Hunter and Dusty Bartlett
Steele Lickliter (b. 2008), son of golfer Frank Lickliter
Cochise Steele Burrows, son of actor Darren Burrows
Jagger Steele Parker (b. 2014), son of rugby leaguer Corey Parker

Pop Culture References for the name Steele

Steele, villainous dog in animated film "Balto"