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Gender: Male Origin of Squall: English word name

The name Squall is a boy's name of English origin. Squall and is often added to lists like Middle Names for Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "15 boys".

From the experts:

A video-game name ("Final Fantasy VII") with an unappealing sound and meaning.

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Famous People Named Squall

Pop Culture References for the name Squall

Squall, character in video game Final Fantasy VIII.
Squall, female character in "Keeper of the Lost Cities" by Shannon Messenger


beachbear Says:


Green Squall Gatorade.

KaterinaEatsPeople Says:


It sounds like the sound a seagull makes as it descends from the air.

lesliemarion Says:


I can't stand video games and I never realized babies squalled; I just thought it was another word for a storm. I love many season, nature, and weather names such as Gale, Winter, January, Frost, etc. Squall sounds cozy in a cold weather way and kind of cool to me.

lillian85 Says:


An example I can think of is non-english speakers thinking diarrhea is a beautiful word ( if you can ignore the meaning it does sound very nice), but unfortunately sometimes it doesn't matter how great something sounds if the first thing you think of is its meaning. In the case of Squall, the first thing I think of is a crying child :/. I don't disagree with you though that it might sound nice without that association.

Rayman_UpTheGrove Says:


Yeah, I DID see that. The only drawback to this name. But the actual sound of the name is very appealing. unique boy names that actually sound pleasant are hard to come by, and if not for the meaning (or the fact that I don't want to name my children off of a final fantasy character no matter how cool) I would have no problem naming my son Squall.

lillian85 Says:


I think the " unappealing" part is based off its definition when used as a verb

verb 1.(of a baby or small child) cry noisily and continuously.

"Sarah was squalling in her crib"

Rayman_UpTheGrove Says:


unappealing? I think the name itself sounds very appealing. And on top of that Squall's character was simply amazing. I really do live this name.