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Gender: F Origin of Skye: Scottish place-name Skye's Popularity in 2016: #417

The e-addition takes the name from slightly hippie-ish nature name to the place name of a picturesque island off the coast of Scotland, and for baby namers it's by far the more popular spelling.

Skye entered the girls' list in 1987, a year after the introduction of Skye Chandler, a popular character on no fewer than three soaps—All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital—for decades. More recently, it has entered the US Top 500, while it's Number 39 in its native Scotland, and 116 in England and Wales.

A lovely middle-name choice.

Famous People Named Skye

Skye Aubrey, American actress
Skye Alexandra Sweetnam, Canadian pop singer
Skye-Jilly Edwards, Australian beauty queen; Miss Globe International 1994
Skye Edwards (born Shirley Klaris Yonavieve Edwards), British singer-songwriter
Skye McCole Bartusiak, American actress
Skye Alyssa Friedman, American actress
Skylar Christan "Skye" Townsend, American actress and singer
Skye Deva Bennett, Anglo-American actress
Skye Dailor, late sister of Mastodon's drummer Brann Dailor and inspiration for album "Crack the Skye"
Skye Alexandra Wilson (b. 2001), daughter of actress Marie Wilson
Skye Mahoney (b. 1992), daughter of actress Paula Garces
Skye Degruttola (b. 2005), daughter of actors Simone Lahbib and Raffaello Degruttola
Skye Bella Schlopy (b. 2006), daughter of American swimming Olympic champion Summer Sanders
Dylan Skye Bosh (b. 2013), daughter of basketball player Chris Bosh
Amarah Skye Martin (b. 1989), daughter of actress Alex Martin; granddaughter of actress Whoopi Goldberg
Joscelyn Skye Courtenay (b. 2007), Daughter of actress A.J. Langer and Charles Peregrine Courtenay

Pop Culture References for the name Skye

Skye Penderwick, character in the Penderwick series by Jeanne Birdsall
Daisy "Skye" Johnson, character on TV's "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD"
Skye Peters, character on Australian soap "Home and Away"
Skye Hamilton, main character in the Alpha series by Lisi Harrison
Isles of Skye, largest and most northerly large island in Scotland
Skye Boat Song" Scottish folk song
Skye Bracken, a character in NIL UNLOCKED & NIL ON FIRE by Lynne Matson
Skye Miller, character in 13 Reasons Why

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