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Gender: F Origin of Saylor: Surname-name or spelling variation of Sailor Saylor's Popularity in 2016: #440

Saylor jumped into the Top 1000 in 2013 and has climbed into the Top 500 in the US, given to three times as many girls as the Sailor version. That may be because Saylor feels more like a name and less like an occupation or a word. Its spelling near-echoes the hugely popular Taylor, plus Saylor is a traditional surname in its own right. Recorded in the medieval times in Germany, it's related to the word seil which means rope and was an occupational name for a ropemaker, which also relates to sailor.

Famous People Named Saylor

Saylor James Cutler (b. 2015), daughter of actress Kristin Cavallari and NFL player Jay Cutler
Saylor Monroe Lang, daughter of singers Jonny Lang and Haylie Johnson; twin brother Raimy Lee

Pop Culture References for the name Saylor

Saylor Stark, a powerful Mage in Rachel Hawkin's "Rebel Belle"
Saylor, from Old French "sailleor"œ, meaning dancer