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Gender: F Origin of Roxie: Diminutive of Roxanne

Audacious offshoot of Roxanne, the wayward heroine of the musical Chicago.

Famous People Named Roxie

Roxie Albertha Roker, American actress
Roxie Dean, American country music singer-songwriter
Roxie Collie Simpson Laybourne, American ornithologist
Roxie Joy Leaf, daughter of actors Tamsin Greig and Richard Leaf
Roxie Stenlake (b. 2009), daughter of actors Ian Stenlake and Rachael Beck

Pop Culture References for the name Roxie

Roxanne "Roxie" Hart, main character in the play, musical, and movie "Chicago"
Roxie Lyon, character from TV series "Bones"
Roxie Brinkerhoff, main character on TV's "Roxie"
Roxanne "Roxie" Andrews, character in TV movie "Let It Shine"
Roxie Marie Callahan, Muppet character on TV's "Sesame Street"