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Gender: F Origin of Roslyn: Spelling variation of Rosalind

Spelling variations abound when a name is trendy, which Rosalind is not these days. We say leave Roslyn back in the middle of the 20th century and reclaim the original Rosalind.

Famous People Named Roslyn

Roslyn Jordan, sister of basketballer Michael Jordan
Roslyn Sulcas, American dance critic
Roslyn Kind, American singer/actress, half sister of Barbra Streisand
Roslyn Gentle, Australian actress
Roslyn McCallister Brock, American civil rights leader and NAACP chair
Roslyn Brogue, American pianist and composer

Pop Culture References for the name Roslyn

"Roslyn," song by Bon Iver and St. Vincent
Roslyn Taber, character in movie "The Misfits," played by Marilyn Monroe
Roslyn Jareau, character on TV's "Criminal Minds"
Roslyn Sarah Inyathi "Roz" Forrester, , character in the Virgin New Adventures (Doctor Who) novels

Rozlynn, Rozlin, Roslynn, Roslinn, Roslynne, Rozlynne, Roslin