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Gender: M

Variation of Roderick

Famous People Named Roddy

Roderic "Roddy" Llewellyn, British landscape gardener; former paramour of Princess Margaret
Roderick "Rowdy Roddy" Piper, Canadian pro wrestler
Roderick "Roddy" McDowall, English actor
Roddy Doyle, Irish novelist
Roddy Collins, Irish footballer
Roddy White, American NFL player
Roddy Bottum, keyboardist for American bands Faith No More and Imperial Teen
Roddy Frame, singer-songwriter of Scottish band Aztec Camera
Roddy Woomble, lead singer of Scottish band Idlewild
Roddy Doble, American ballet dancer
Roddy McMillan, Scottish actor

Pop Culture References for the name Roddy

Roddy St. James, protagonist of DreamWorks' "Flushed Away"