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Gender: M

Variation of Raoul

Famous People Named Reuel

Reuel, son of Esau, grandson of Abraham (1 Chr. 1:35)
Reuel, nother name for Jethro, father-in-law of Moses in the Bible (Numbers 10:29)
Reuel (Deuel), father of Eliasaph, captian of the tribe of Gad (Num. 2:14)
Reuel, father of Shephathiah, son of Ibnijah (1 Chr. 9:8)
Reuel Williams, U.S. Senator from Maine
Reuel Denney, American poet
Reuel Anson Lochore, New Zealand diplomat
Reuel Washburn, American judge and politician
John Ronald Reuel "J.R.R." Tolkien, English novelist

Pop Culture References for the name Reuel

Pron. like 'Rule'
Can also be pronounced "roo-EL"