Regis Origin and Meaning

The name Regis is a boy's name of French origin meaning "kingly".
Venerable old saint's name now associated solely with talk show host Philbin, who is constantly seeking namesakes.

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Famous People Named Regis

  • Regis Francis Xavier PhilbinAmerican TV personality
  • Régis Amarante Lima de Quadros (born 1976)Brazilian association football player
  • Regis J. ArmstrongAmerican Roman Catholic priest and professor
  • Régis Avila (born 1962)Brazilian fencer
  • Régis Barailla (19332016), French politician
  • Régis BlachèreFrench orientalist
  • Régis Bonissent (born 1948)French fencer
  • Regis Brodie (born 1942)American Professor of Art and potter
  • Régis Brouard (born 1967)French association football player
  • Régis Campo (born 1968)French composer
  • Regis Canevin (1853–1927)American Roman Catholic prelate
  • Regis Chakabva (born 1987)Zimbabwean cricketer
  • Régis Clère (born 1956)French road bicycle racer
  • Regis Cordic (1926–1999)American radio personality and actor
  • Régis Debray (born 1941)French intellectual, journalist and politician
  • Régis Delépine (born 1946)French road bicycle racer
  • Régis Dericquebourg (born 1947)French sociologist
  • Régis de l'Estourbeillon (1858–1946)French aristocrat and politician
  • Régis de Oliveira (born 1944)Brazilian politician
  • Regis de Souza (born 1982)Brazilian association footballer
  • Régis de Trobriand (1816–1897)French aristocrat, lawyer, poet and novelist
  • Régis Dorn (born 1979)French association football player
  • Regis Felisberto Masarim (born 1973)Brazilian football player
  • Regis Fernandes Silva (born 1976)Brazilian association football player
  • Régis Fuchs (born 1970)Swiss ice hockey winger
  • Régis Genaux (1973–2008)Belgian association football player
  • Régis Ghesquière (born 1949)Belgian decathlete
  • Regis Ghezelbash (born 1951)Iranian,French film director
  • Régis Gurtner (born 1986)French association football player
  • Régis Habooboo(born 2002)French coquinou salad farmer
  • Régis François Gignoux (1816–1882)French painter
  • Régis GizavoMalagasy accordionist
  • Regis Gurtner (born 1986)French football goalkeeper
  • Régis JauffretFrench writer
  • Régis Jolivet (1891–1966)French philosopher and Roman Catholic priest
  • Régis Juanico (born 1972)member of the National Assembly of France
  • Regis B. KellyScottish neuroscientist and university administrator
  • Regis "Pep" Kelly (1914–1990)Canadian ice hockey player
  • Régis Kittler (born 1979)French football player
  • Régis Koundjia (born 1983)former Central African Republic basketball player
  • Régis Labeaume (born 1956)Canadian businessman and writer
  • Régis Laconi (born 1975)French motorcycle racer
  • Régis Laguesse (born 1950)French association football player and coach
  • Régis Laspalès (born 1957)French comedian and actor
  • Régis Le Sommier (born 1969)French journalist
  • Regis Leheny (1908–1976)American baseball pitcher
  • Régis Loisel (born 1951)French comics writer and artist
  • Regis Malady (1917–1985)American politician from Pennsylvania
  • Regis McKennaAmerican marketing entrepreneur
  • Régis Messac (1893–1945)French writer
  • Regis Monahan (1908–1979)American football player
  • Regis Pitbull (born 1976)Brazilian association football player
  • Regis Henri Post (1870–1944)New York politician and Governor of Puerto Rico
  • Régis Racine (born 1970)French basketball player
  • Régis Rey (born 1929)French ski jumper
  • Régis Rothenbühler (born 1970)Swiss association football player
  • Régis Schleicher (born 1957)French anarchist
  • Régis SénacFrench fencer and instructor
  • Régis Simon (born 1958)French road bicycle racer
  • (John) Regis ToomeyAmerican actor
  • Régis Wargnier (born 1948)French film director, producer, screenwriter, actor and film score composer

Regis in Pop Culture

  • Regis Lucis Caelum CXIIIking in the video game "Final Fantasy XV"
  • Emiel Regis Rohellec TerzieffGodefroy, a higher vampire in the video game and book series Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski