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Gender: Female Pronunciation: rah-PUN-zel Meaning of Rapunzel: "rampion; lamb's lettuce" Origin of Rapunzel: German flower name

Rapunzel Origin and Meaning

The name Rapunzel is a girl's name meaning "rampion; lamb's lettuce".

Rapunzel is famous as the long-haired heroine of the fairy tale, locked in a tower only to fall in love with a handsome prince who climbed to her side via her hair. Rapunzel has never been widely used as a first name the way, say, Aurora -- the mortal name of Sleeping Beauty -- has. Like Cinderella, it's too closely identified with the fairy tale to really take off as a girls' name. In German, it's the name of several varieties of wild-growing, edible leaves.

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CJViolet243 Says:


actually not to offend you but say rampion is not a flower when you can google it by typing in rampion by searching through Google Images the first thing you will see is a purple flower image resembling two other flowers. The purple flower is the rampion. So I think you should re check your work and check out my advice

FractalShadow Says:


Honestly I think it has a very nice elegant sound.

zsazsa00 Says:


Rapunzel is the German word for rampion which is not exactly a flower, but a leafy greens plant that is edible (it flowers while blooming). Also some species look a lot like a type of radish. The princess gets her name from the plant because it was what the father in the story was stealing from the witch for his wife which lead to them having to give up their baby.
I think it's interesting but not really usable in the daily world. Zel is an interesting nickname option and also the title of a twisted fairytale (where I first heard the nn) by Donna Jo Napoli published originally in 1993. I recommend you read the book if you like the Rapunzel tale (mature audiences only please as it looks at the psyche and damaged caused by being locked in a tower in solitude).
To homage the princess/tale I would use another name that tributes the story/character but yeah, Rapunzel just doesn't feel usable.

headintheclouds Says:


A childhood friend had a Golden Retriever named Rapunzel, the family usually called her Punzie or Zeezee. This makes for a cute pet name, but definitely not for a human as a formal birth certificate name!

Miri Says:


I feel like a child would get teased a lot for this.

Sonia Young Says:


I just realized - Lunar chronicles. In the fairy tale, the father steals rampion, aka RAPUNZEL. In the Lunar chronicles, Thorne steals a spaceship model Rampion. Also, when the prince is pushed from the tower his eyes are poked out with thorns and he is blinded. The characters name is literally THORNE and he is blinded from a . This is so accurate I can't even

Moony Says:


Apparently it's the common name of a spinach/lettuce-like plant named 'Rampion', so it is legit. Even so, unless its cracked the top 1000, I don't think this should be considered a legitimate name.

snowsbeloved Says:


Nickname options:

This is one for the books lol

rie Says:


Oh wow lol. Well thanks!

Haids1987 Says:


The story I remember from my childhood is that Rapunzel's birth mother craved lettuce when she was pregnant. Her husband stole lettuce from the witch's garden, and when the witch caught him, she told him he could take as much as he wanted if he let her have their baby. Of course he agreed (because people in fairy tales are dumb!), so when she stole the baby she named her Rapunzel, which supposedly means "lettuce" in some language.

rie Says:


Yeah, lol, someone named Rapunzel wouldn't want to wear her hair up..👸

rie Says:


Does anyone know what this name means??? Or where it came from? Did the original Rapunzel creator just make it up. :/

Hylian Wizard Says:


It works fine for the princess in the story but I can't imagine it on a real person. People will probably be saying "let down your hair".

Guest Says:


Nothing about this is cute. 😑

leonoras Says:


It's just too much.

Sweekune Says:


Too much baggage for a first name but still a delightfully charming name.

beeba Says:


Would love to use this as a middle name.