German flower name
"rampion; lamb's lettuce"

Rapunzel Origin and Meaning

The name Rapunzel is a girl's name meaning "rampion; lamb's lettuce".
Rapunzel is famous as the long-haired heroine of the fairy tale, locked in a tower only to fall in love with a handsome prince who climbed to her side via her hair. Rapunzel has never been widely used as a first name the way, say, Aurora -- the mortal name of Sleeping Beauty -- has. Like Cinderella, it's too closely identified with the fairy tale to really take off as a girls' name. In German, it's the name of several varieties of wild-growing, edible leaves.

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Rapunzel in Pop Culture

  • Rapunzel is a fairytale princess with long hair.
  • RapunzelSondheim's musical "Into the Woods"
  • Rapunzelthe princess in Disney's "Tangled"

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