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Gender: M Meaning of Ptolemy: "aggressive, warlike" Origin of Ptolemy: Greek

Pronounced "TAHL-a-mee," this was the name of one of Alexander the Great's generals and several Greco-Egyptian rulers, as well as the name of a famous Greek astronomer. Actress Gretchen Mol brought it into modern times when she chose it for her baby.

Famous People Named Ptolemy

St. Ptolemy, a Roman martyred with St. Lucius
St. Ptolemy, Martyred Bishop
Ptolemy Tompkins, American writer
Ptolemy John Williams (b. 2007), son of Gretchen Mol & Kip Williams
Ptolemy I of Egypt
Ptolemy Caesar, son of Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt and Julius Caesar
Ptolemy Philadelphos, son of Cleopatra and Triumvir Marc Antony
Ptolemy Auletes, father of Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt

Pop Culture References for the name Ptolemy

Alderman Ptolemy Tortoise, from The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher by Beatrix Potter
Ptolemy, wizard, Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone