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Gender: M

Variation of Philip

Famous People Named Phil

Phillip "Dr. Phil" McGraw, American psychologist and television personality
Philip David "Phil" Ochs, American singer-songwriter
Philip John "Phil" Neville, English football coach
Phillip Chapman "Phil" Lesh, bassist for American band The Grateful Dead
Philip "Phil" Michael Lester, English radio presenter and Internet personality
Philip Anthony "Phil" Esposito, Canadian ice hockey player
Philip "Phil" Foglio, American cartoonist
Philip Toll "Phil" Hill Jr., American racing driver
Phillip Ferdinand "Phil" Mahre, American Olympic skier
Phillip "Phil" Parsons, American NASCAR driver
Philip "Phil" Chess (born Fiszel Czyż), Polish-American founder of Chess Records
Philip Miller "Phil" Crane, U.S. Congressman from Illinois
Phil Alexander Robertson, American reality TV personality ("Duck Dynasty")
Philip James Placer "Phil" Younghusband, Filipino footballer
Philip John "Phil" Crump, Australian motorcycle racer
Philip James "Phil" Selway, drummer for English band Radiohead
Phil Cunningham, Scottish folk musician
Philip Gabriel "Phil" Gould, drummer for English band Level 42
Phillip "Phil" Morris, American actor
Phil Hartnoll, musician for English duo Orbital
Phil Collins, British singer and drummer, and member of the band Genesis
Phil Maddingly, CNN correspondent
Philip Edward "Phil" Hartman, Canadian-American actor/comedian
Phil Rosenthal, American writer/producer

Pop Culture References for the name Phil

Philip "Phil" Rupert Diffy, main character on TV's "Phil of the Future"
Phil Anwar, character from movie "The Warrior Class"
Phil Dunphy, character on TV's "Modern Family"
Philip James "Phil" Mitchell, character on British soap "EastEnders"
Phil Leotardo, character on TV's "The Sopranos"
Phil aka Philoctetes, character in Disney's "Hercules"
Phil Sharpe, character on British soap "Hollyoaks"
Phillip "Phil" Coulson, character on Marvel's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."
L.A. Phil, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, an American orchestra based in Los Angeles, California, USA