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Gender: F Meaning of Peri: "mountain dweller; fruit; fairy" Origin of Peri: Greek; Hebrew; Persian

This name used for both sexes in several cultures is quite well used in Israel.

Famous People Named Peri

Peri Gilpin, known for playing Roz Doyle on Frasier

Pop Culture References for the name Peri

-Periwinkle "Peri," a fairy (Tinker Bell's fraternal twin sister) in the computer-animated Disney film Secret of the Wings (2012)
-In Arabic lore, the Peri are fallen angels under the sovereignty of Iblis. In Persian legend they are beautiful but malevolent spirits, also fairy-like beings begotten by fallen angels and excluded from Paradise until penance is accomplished (check out and such legends as the Peri and the Prince). Muhammad, it is said, sought to convert them.
-Found in many other Persian girls' names (e.g. Pareerou, Parisa, Perihan)
-Peri Brown, a character on Doctor Who
-La Peri is a ballet by Dukas
-Means "surrounding" from Greek (cf. Pericles, perinatal, periphery...)
-Peri Lomax, character from Hollyoaks
-Peri Westmore, a TV character on Devious Maids
-Peri Serpentine, daughter of the Hydra in "Monster High" show and series (twin sister of Pearl Serpentine)