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Gender: M Meaning of Oriol: "golden" Origin of Oriol: Catalan

Intriguing name that's a Top 100 choice in Spain and virtually unknown outside that country. But has definitely possibilities for the adventurous baby namer.

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Famous People Named Oriol

Saint Joseph Oriol, Spanish priest
Oriol Elcacho, Spanish male model
Oriol Junqueras, Spanish politician; Vice President of Catalonia
Oriol de Bolòs, Spanish botanist
Oriol Martorell, Spanish music director and politician
(Josep) Oriol Alsina, Spanish footballer
Oriol Romeu, Spanish footballer
Oriol Servià, Spanish racing driver
Oriol Riera, Spanish footballer

Pop Culture References for the name Oriol

Catalan pronunciation: "Uh-riol" with a very soft 'r' and a very strong 'l'.