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Gender: F Origin of Nettie: English, diminutive of names ending in -ette or -etta

You may never have known a Nettie personally, but there well might be one hidden in your family history, considering that she was a Top 100 name until 1901 and stayed on the Social Security list until 1962.

Like cousins Hattie and Lottie, Nettie is a charming and nostalgic knitting and crocheting great-grandma name that just might work as a relaxed choice for a contemporary little girl, perhaps to honor an ancestral Annette or Henrietta.

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Famous People Named Nettie

Nettie Maria Stevens, American geneticist, first to describe chromosomal basis of sex
Nettie Williams McBirney aka "Aunt Chick," American inventor and cooking writer
Janet Gertrude "Nettie" Palmer, Australian poet and critic
Nancy "Nettie" Fowler McCormick, American philanthropist

Pop Culture References for the name Nettie

Nettie Ashford, "aged half-past six," author of the romance of Mrs Orange and Mrs Alicumpane, in Dickens's short story "A Holiday Romance" (1868)
Nettie Stinger, character from TV series "Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom"
Nettie, character in Alice Walker's "The Color Purple"
Nettie Fowler, character in the musical "Carousel"
Nettie, English regional slang word for toilet
Nettie, character in Christina Baker Klein's "The Orphan Train"
"Nettie Moore," song by Bob Dylan
"Nettie", song by 90s gothic metal band Type O Negative

Netti, Nettia, Netty, Netta, Neta