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Gender: F Meaning of Nerissa: "from the sea" Origin of Nerissa: Greek

An offbeat possible replacement for the overused Melissa and Marisa, Nerissa was used by Shakespeare for Portia's witty confidante in The Merchant of Venice. Queen Elizabeth has a cousin named Nerissa.

Famous People Named Nerissa

Nerissa Jane Irene Bowes-Lyon, cousin of Queen Elizabeth II
Nerissa Bretania Underwood, Guamanian Senator
Nerissa Love, late fiancee of cricketer Bob Blair; portrayed in film "Tangiwai"
Nerissa Nields, American singer-songwriter of duo The Nields
Nerissa Corazon Soon-Ruiz, Filipina politician

Pop Culture References for the name Nerissa

Nerissa, character in Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice"
Nerissa, villain on TV's "W.I.T.C.H"
Nerissa, the "little mermaid" from the game series, 'The Wolf Amongst Us'
Nerissa, Luxa's frail cousin in Gregor The Overlander

Nerrissa, Nissa, Nerice, Nerrisa, Nerise, Rissa, Nerys, Narice, Naryssa, Nerisse, Neryssa, Narissa, Nerisa