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Gender: Female Origin of Myrtle: Greek botanical name

The name Myrtle is a girl's name of Greek origin. Myrtle and is often added to lists like Gorgeous Flower Names for Babies and discussed in our forums with posts like "drop your least favourite w randomly generated names - girls with middles".

From the experts:

Long in our category of so-far-out-it-will-always-be-out category, once seen as a gum-cracking 1940's telephone operator, we think it's time to reassess Myrtle, and look at is as a nature name, a plant with pink or white aromatic berries. Ruled by Venus, myrtle is a plant associated with love, peace, fertility and youth.

Myrtle has lots of literary references as well: in Thomas Hardy's The Hand of Ethelberta, Theodore Dreiser's The Genius, P. G. Wodehouse's Meet Mr Mulliner, and especially The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald's Myrtle Wilson has been played on film by actresses as varies as Shelley Winters, Karen Black and Isla Fisher.

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Famous People Named Myrtle

(Josephine) Myrtle Corbin, American entertainer with dipygus
Myrtle Alice Cook, Canadian Olympic track athlete
Myrtle Devenish, Welsh actress
Mary Caroline "Myrtle" Page Fillmore, American Christian author
Myrtle Gonzalez, American actress
Myrtle McAteer, American tennis player
Myrtle Reed, American poet
Myrtle Olive Felix Robertson, 11th Baroness Wharton, English photographer
Myrtle Stedman, American actress
Myrtle Vail, American actress
Myrtle Sharon Mary Augee, English shot putter
Myrtle Abigail Porlucas Sarrosa, Filipina actress and TV personality
Myrtle Bonjean-Alpart, girl in the 2012 documentary "Sexy Baby"

Pop Culture References for the name Myrtle

Myrtle Elizabeth Warren aka Moaning Myrtle, character from the "Harry Potter" series
Myrtle Wilson, character in book/film "The Great Gatsby"
Myrtle the turtle, the biggest turtle in Boston's aquarium
Myrtle Fargate, character on American soap "All My Children"
Myrtle Hazard, orphan brought from tropics to live in New England and reared by her spinster aunt in "The Guardian Angel" (1868) by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Myrtle Snow, character on TV's "American Horror Story - Coven".
Myrtle, the mean girl in the "Lilo & Stitch" series
Myrtle 'Tilly' Dunnage, character in "The Dressmaker"
Myrtle "Myrt" Spear, main character in radio serial "Myrt and Marge," played by Myrtle Vail
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Mertie, Mertis, Mirtle, Mertice, Myrta, Myrtis, Myrtia, Myrtice, Myrtias, Myrt, Mertle, Mert, Myrtilla, Myrtie


Myrtle Zimmerman Says:


considering this is my name lol, i’ve never got direct hate on it. not even by any classmates. everyone usually compliments it. having such a unique name is pretty cool. never having to worry about getting your work mixed up with someone else’s is a plus and not having to worry about which myrtle they are calling for is also a plus. i was named after my grandmother and so on, so it’s nice to carrying on the legacy.

Myrtle Zimmerman Says:


My name is myrtle, and to be honest, i don’t really mind being called myrtle the turtle. i usually get called turtle and it doesn’t bother me 🤷🏼‍♀️

NovaRaya Says:


I like this name, but it reminds me too much of Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Potter books. Maybe if I would get a pet turtle I would name her "Myrtle." Then she would be Myrtle the Turtle.

CailinRua Says:


I had a cat called Myrtle who lived to be 20 years old.

Miri Says:


I'm just not a fan.

Daiseymae Says:


It is really awful. It reminds me of the book "Yertle the Turtle".

marnie r Says:


I can look at plenty of 'old lady' names and see the appeal they had/have but I just can't with this one...

Daiseymae Says:


I absolutely hate this name.

fromtheocean12 Says:


The first thing I think when I hear this name is Myrtle Beach, since I live very close to South Carolina and Myrtle Beach, and spend almost every summer there. It doesn't sound very appealing to me though, also with the Moaning Myrtle reference and the fact that it sounds too close to turtle.

headintheclouds Says:


The perfect name for a turtle- I can just see the little turtle head peeking out of the shell, like someone with no neck, head attached directly to their shoulders xD Myrtle's still too frumpy and fuddy-duddy to be one of the fashionable vintage-revival set, especially with the creepy Moaning Myrtle Harry Potter character association. But who knows, that might change in the future.

MaryFiona Says:


I adore this name. Everyone else seems to hate it. This is my great-grandmothers name. I always thought it would be so cool to name one of my daughters after her.

Liberty Bell Says:


I love it. Definitely in my top 5!

Liberty Bell Says:


I absolutely adore this name!

Noetje Says:


The only thing this name reminds me of is HP’s Moaning Myrtle.

cyoung325 Says:


Am I the only one who thinks this is a lovely name? I think of the plant and I love that it sounds so strong along with it's old fashioned frumpiness. Yes it's a bit clunky and I'll probably never get DH to agree to using it but it does have it's charm as well.

NaomiNY Says:


Never using this for my daughter. I don't want her to be mocked and called Myrtle the Turtle.

Candler Says:


Rhymes with just has a really unappealing sound to me.

kacl Says:


My mum had a turtle named Myrtle

LoveBeingMommy Says:


Sorry, but this name is too close to the word 'turtle' in both sound and spelling for me. I just don't find it appealing.