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Gender: M

Variation of Mordecai

Variation of Mortimer

Variation of Morton

Famous People Named Mort

Mort Shuman, American singer/songwriter
Mort Drucker, American cartoonist of MAD Magazine
Morton Lyon "Mort" Sahl, Canadian-American comedian
Addison Morton "Mort" Walker, American cartoonist ("Beetle Bailey")
Mort Mills (born Mortimer Morris Kaplan), American actor
Mort Abrahams, American TV and film producer
Morton Cecil "Mort" Cooper, American baseball player
Mort Todd (born Michael Delle-Femine), American editor; founder of Cracked

Pop Culture References for the name Mort

Mort, book in Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" series and its title character, the Grim Reaper's apprentice
Mort, lemur in the "Madagascar" film series.
Surname, perhaps from a medieval nickname based on Old French mort, "dead," possibly referring to someone with a deathly pallor or otherwise sepulchral appearance.