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Gender: M Meaning of Mccoy: "fire" Origin of Mccoy: Irish variation of McKay

One of numerous usable Irish and Scottish surnames starting with Mac and Mc, this is the real McCoy. McCoy Tyner, the well-known jazz pianist, is one of the few to use this very cool name. Bonus: Nickname Mac.

Famous People Named Mccoy

(Alfred) McCoy Tyner, American jazz pianist
McCoy McLemore, American basketball player
Marc Carlos Francis "McCoy" de Jesus de Leon, Filipino actor and dancer
Lander McCoy "Coy" Bacon, American NFL football player
McCoy Lee Porter (b.2015), son of actor Scott Porter

Pop Culture References for the name Mccoy

"The real McCoy," term for "the real thing" or "the genuine article"
The McCoys, American rock group
Leonard "Bones" McCoy, character on TV's "Star Trek"
The Hatfield and McCoy feud