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Gender: F Origin of Mattie: Diminutive of Martha or Matilda

Mattie, which might be a short form of Martha, Matilda, or even Madeline, ranked among the Top 100 names for girls in the 1880s and in fact has held a place among the Top 1000 for most of U.S. naming history. It's hanging on in the 900s and makes a cute, tomboyish, if somewhat slight name option.

Famous People Named Mattie

Matheson "Mattie" Spillane, King Philip Middle School student
Mattie Moss Clark, American gospel singer and mother of the Clark Sisters
Mattie Blaylock, companion of American lawman Wyatt Earp

Pop Culture References for the name Mattie

Mattie-Fae Aiken, character in "August: Osage County"
Mattie Storin, character on TV's "House of Cards"
Mattie Franklin aka Spider-Woman, Marvel Comics character
Mattie Silver, character in "Ethan Frome" by Edith Wharton
Matilda "Mattie" Cook, character in "Fever 1793" by Laurie Halse Anderson
Mattie Ross, character in "True Grit"
Mathilda "Mattie" Gokey, the protagonist in "A Northern Light" by Jennifer Donnelly
Mattie, character in Barbara Kingsolver's "The Bean Trees"