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Gender: Female Meaning of Marisa: "of the sea" Origin of Marisa: Italian and Spanish variation of Maris, Marissa

The name Marisa is a girl's name of Spanish, Italian origin meaning "of the sea". Marisa and is often added to lists like Supermodel Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "This or that?".

From the experts:

A name made famous by Marisas Berenson and Tomei, never became as saturated as its cousin Melissa, so still a feasible choice. Marisa is one of those Spanish and Italian names for girls that sounds at once exotic and familiar, which makes it truly an international choice.

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Famous People Named Marisa

Marisa Tomei, American actress
Marisa Lee Miller, American model
(Vittoria) Marisa Schiaparelli Berenson, Italian actress
Marisa Merlini, Italian actress
Marisa Carolina Ramirez, American actress
Marisa Michelle Warrington, English-Australian actress
Claudia (Marisa) Ruggerini, Italian partisan
Marisa Julia Siketa, Australian actress
Marisa Kennedy, American actress
Marisa de Azevedo Monte, Brazilian pop singer
Marisa Silver, American author, screenwriter and film director

Pop Culture References for the name Marisa

Marisa Coulter, character in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy
Marisa, main character in Barbara Cartland's "Lessons in Love"
Marisa Kirisame, main character in Touhou Project
Marisa Clark, character on TV's "K.C. Undercover"

Marisa's International Variations

Marijse, Marysa (Dutch) Marita (Spanish) Marisha (Russian) Maritza (German)


MarisaRath Says:


Marisa is not a variation of Marissa. It is a variation of Maria. It is Spanish, where they don't add double consonants to names except to change the pronunciation. Marisa with one S came to this country first. Marissa is a variation of Marisa. I suppose it doesn't really matter. It's however you choose to spell it. The two S version is the more popular choice.

Mari Dawn Says:


This is my name, and I've always liked it. I've only known a few other Marisa's. This is the Spanish spelling, the original. Some people try to spell it with two s's which is the American version. My guess is because people see it as similar to Melissa.

Chicmommy Says:


This is really high on my list and I just love picturing a cute little Marisa!

marisarose Says:


This is my name and I think it is beautiful. I've never been teased about it and I get compliments on it all the time, especially because of the one s vs ss. I do pronounce it Ma-RIS-a vs Ma-REES-a, but my spanish aunt calls me Ma-REES-a and I still think it's lovely.