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Gender: F Meaning of Mariah: "the Lord is my teacher" Origin of Mariah: Latin variation of Mary; also related to the Hebrew Moriah Mariah's Popularity in 2015: #155

Thanks to Mariah Carey, everyone now knows this name -- and is aware that Mariah's pronounced with a long i--just as Maria was in the Jane Austen era. And though Mariah now sounds modern, it was heard as far back as 1550 in Great Britain.

The song 'They Call the Wind Maria' (pronounced Mariah) was introduced in the 1951 Broadway musical Paint Your Wagon and was the inspiration for Mariah Carey's name.

Though Mariah reached a peak in the mid-1990s, it is still a popular choice.

Famous People Named Mariah

Mariah Carey, American singer
Mariah Brown, daughter of Kody & Meri Brown of American TV's "Sister Wives"
Mariah Gale, British-Australian actress

Pop Culture References for the name Mariah

Mariah Wong, character in anime/manga "Beyblade"
Mariah, character on TV series 'Raised by Wolves'