Gender: Female Origin of Mamie: Diminutive of Mary or Margaret Meaning of Margaret: Greek, "pearl"

Mamie Origin and Meaning

The name Mamie is a girl's name .

Mamie is back. Having finally shorn her Mamie Eisenhower bangs, this insouciant and adorable nickname name is perfect if you want a zestier way to honor a beloved aunt Mary. Meryl Streep's actress daughter, properly named Mary Willa, is called Mamie Gummer. You might think of Mamie as a sister of the stylish Maisie.

Mamie was a Top 100 name from the time records were published through 1912, falling off the list in 1966. There have been Mamie characters on two recent sitcoms: Hot in Cleveland and 3rd Rock from the Sun.

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Mayme, Mame, Maime


samanstiel Says:


I created an account just to defend this adorable name, which was my grandmothers name and my cats name. I grew up in NC, Mamie had quite an accent yet everyone knew how to pronounce her name because its so popular. May-mee. NOT mammy. Never heard it pronounced like mammy. Only time I was every asked to repeat her name was when someone thought I had said "Maybe" instead of "Mamie."

Mary L. Coleman Says:


It’s actually pronounced May-mee. You are wrong if you think southerners pronounce it mammy. I’m from Louisiana. I’m as Cajun as they come. Mamie was my mother’s name. My daughter is named after her. I have no hesitation in correcting anyone mispronouncing this beautiful name.

letmein Says:


Worst name ever! This name is awful!

christineolteanu Says:


I think of Mamie Eisenhower (U. S. First Lady) even though I live in Canada. I think it's cute as a nickname for Mary especially on a young child.

Lomagical1723 Says:


I know who you're talking about you.

iipostmvh Says:


Thank you, but that is the pronunciation I am using. I understand the distinction from pronunciation Mam-ee, but coming from the deep south, I see it as very similar. It was often spelled the same.

amytree Says:


I think you're mispronouncing it. It rhymes with Amy. May-mee.

snowsbeloved Says:


There's too many bad/weird connotations with this name...

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I do like this name, but that is a connection I think of often, which prevents me from bringing this name up often. I don't know why I like the name Mamie. I think because I like the way it looks.

Mamie H Says:


My given first name is Mamie. As a child I hated it. No one could pronounce it or spell it, everyone thought and still does to some extent that it was just a nickname. I was named after my Great-grandmother. As I've gotten older I've learned to love my unique name.

athenamay24 Says:


My grandmother's first name is Mamie too! Except she hates it so she goes by her middle. She was named after her aunt, who was named after some other relative named Mary. I also know an 18 year old named Mamie who was named after her grandmother.

Floris Says:


In my opinion that's like calling your child mum/mummy/momma or whatever. I really hate it!! Oh, and my brother calls his French grandmother Mamie... Just NO!!

iipostmvh Says:


Negative (racial) connotation for me. Wouldn't use it. I live in the US

Zelliew Says:


So if you don't mind grandmother connotations this is a suitable name

Essa Says:


I love Mamie but I think it sounds really childish. I think it's much better as a nickname that should be grown out of by the time the child is at most 8/9. I dislike Margaret though, Mary is ok but not something I'd choose. I do know an Amy who went affectionately by Mamie occasionally though and I think it worked well.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


Sounds a lot like maiming to me :/

Guest Says:


I think this is my great-grandma's name. I kinda like it but I kinda don't. I don't like nicknamey names like Sadie, Ellie, Molly, etc. they're too imcomplete for me.

SarahLuna Says:


I don't know how I feel about this.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


Anyone else think of 'Mamie noodle snacks?'

madmaddie Says:


My grandmother is actually named Mamie (not French at all), named for HER grandmother Mary Katherine. It’s an adorable name despite the "grandma" connotations.

raevynstar Says:


I sort of like it, but the "maim" syllable puts me off....and I associate it with Mame Trotter, a character in "The Great Gilly Hopkins" (saddest book ever). It's still good enough to be on my list, though! :)

lawsonhaley Says:


It's a very old, very dated, rarely used anymore term for a maid (not necessarily a black woman, for those who said that, you are incorrect, it was just most common that they were women of colour), often the maid who cared for the children. It's been twisted and contrived to be seen as a racist stereotype - but it wasn't always that way. It's almost like a wet nurse - and from there it evolved into a racist stereotype, that even few Americans know of

Not to mention, the name is May-mee, not Mammy.

Guest Says:


mammy is like an older black subservient slavewoman or maid. think "The Help" or Aunt Jemima. :(

SerenRuby Says:


It is. That's why I always find it so weird to see anyone young called Mamie.

sorciereblanche Says:


Reminds me of Mami Tomoe, who's name is literally pronounced "Mommy"
Too bad she was a fifteen year old girl.

alexandramae Says:


In sound it's fine but at first glance, I fear that people would think of "Mammy," the racist stereotype.

faithnamer Says:


My French cousin does call his grandmother Mamie, but I thought that was just his name for her!

OliviaSarah Says:


Isn't this the French equivalent of 'granny'?