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Gender: M Origin of London: Place-name London's Popularity in 2016: #707

In the US, London is popular for both sexes, though as the name rises into the Top 100 for girls, it's levelled off for boys. Of course, London is far less popular in the UK and other English-speaking countries.

Famous People Named London

London Levi Fletcher, American NFL player
London May, American drummer of band Samhain
London Reese, American tattoo artist
London Hirsch, son of actor Judd Hirsch
London Emilio Hudson (b. 2002), son of Saul "Slash" Hudson
London Blue Salas (b. 2005), son of Stacee Brown; grandson of singer Rebbie Jackson of The Jackson Family
London Nash (b. 2006), son of rapper The Dream; twin brother of Christian
London Phillip Margera, son of musician Jess Margera; nephew of Bam Margera
London Luca Ridge (b. 2010), son of singer Carly Binding of TrueBliss and rugby leaguer Matthew Ridge
London Phillip McGraw (b. 2011), son of Jay Phillip McGraw
London Alexander Comeau (b. 2015) son of drummer Chuck Comeau of Simple Plan
Jack London, American novelist

Pop Culture References for the name London

London, capital of England
London, town in Texas

Londyn, Lunden, Lundon, Londen