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Gender: M Origin of Lemon: Fruit name

Lemon is one of the more unusual fruit names, compared with sisters Clementine and Apple. That may be because lemon is also a word that's slang for a clunker, something that doesn't work very well. No baby wants to feel like a Lemon, so this is one of those unusual names that is best avoided.

Famous People Named Lemon

Andrew "Lemon" Anderson, American poet
Lemony Snicket, pen name for American novelist Daniel Handler
Don Lemon, American TV news anchor
George "Meadowlark" Lemon, American basketball player

Pop Culture References for the name Lemon

Lemon, female character in play "Aunt Dan and Lemon" by Wallace Shawn
Lemon Breeland, female character on TV show "Hart of Dixie"
"Lemon," song by U2
Lemon, slang term for sexually explicit content