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Gender: F Origin of Lamia: Greek mythology name

Name of mythological fiend who seduced young men and then ate them, which inspired the Keats poem "Lamia." Described in mythology as a snake with the head and breasts of a woman, this name has been considered in modern times as a vampire name. And if all that isn't discouraging enough, there's the "lame" connection.

Famous People Named Lamia

Lamia Vox, Russian musical artist

Pop Culture References for the name Lamia

Lamia Sonmez, main character in Turkish TV series "Kismet"
Lamia, in Greek mythology the Queen of Libya who devoured children
"Lamia," poem by English poet John Keats
Lamia the head evil witch in Stardust played by Michelle Pfeiffer
Lamya is an Arabic name meaning "having beautiful dark lips"