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Gender: F Pronunciation: keer-ee Meaning of Kyrie: "Lord" Origin of Kyrie: Short form of Kyra or Greek

Kyrie elieson is one of the oldest religious refrains, meaning Lord, have mercy. As a first name, though, Kyrie is less a name of God and more a nickname-name that might be short for Kyra or a diminutive that stands on its own, a la Kylie. The best-known Kyrie is the male basketball player Kyrie Irving, who pronounces the first syllable to rhyme with my rather than fear. He has inspired more than 1000 baby boys to be given this name one recent year in the US, while it was given to 178 baby girls. Impressive numbers.

Famous People Named Kyrie

Kyrie Andrew Irving, American basketball player
Kyrie O'Connor, American journalist and radio personality
Kyrie Kristmanson, Canadian jazz musician

Pop Culture References for the name Kyrie

Kyrie Ushiromiya, character in visual novel, manga and anime "Umineko no Naku Koro ni"
Kyrie, character in video game "Devil May Cry 4"
Kirie Himuro, character in video game "Fatal Frame"
Kirie Goshima, character in manga "Uzumaki"
"Kyrie," song by Mr. Mister
"Kyrie eleison," Greek for "Lord, have mercy" (pronounced KEER-ee-ay)
Irish word for dark