Dutch diminutive of Coenraad
"bold advisor"

Koen Origin and Meaning

The name Koen is a boy's name meaning "bold advisor".
A short form popular in the Netherlands, though in the U.S. Koen and Coen are easily confused with Cohen, the Jewish surname meaning "priest" which has recently gained currency as a first name. The Dutch pronunciation is more like "coon."

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Famous People Named Koen

  • Koen LenaertsBelgian,born President of the European Court of Justice
  • Koen AndriesBelgian scientist
  • Koen Barbé (born 1981)Belgian road bicycle racer
  • Koen Bauweraerts (born 1983)Belgian DJ known as Coone
  • Koen Beeckman (born 1973)road bicycle racer
  • Koen van der Biezen (bon 1985)Dutch footballer
  • Koen Bouwman (born 1993)Dutch cyclist
  • Koen Casteels (born 1992)Belgian footballer
  • Koen Crucke (born 1952)Belgian tenor, actor and politician
  • Koen Daerden (born 1982)Belgian footballer
  • Koen De Bouw (born 1964)Flemish actor
  • Koen De Graeve (born 1972)Belgian actor
  • Koen de Kort (born 1982)Dutch cyclist
  • Koen DecosterBelgian historian, philosopher and translator
  • Koen Geens (born 1958)Belgian Flemish politician
  • Koen Huntelaar (born 1998)Dutch footballer
  • Koen Kessels (born c. 1960)Belgian conductor and music director
  • Koen LambertsBelgian psychologist
  • Koen Naert (born 1989)Belgian long,distance runner
  • Koen Olthuis (born 1971)Dutch architect
  • Koen Onzia (born 1961)Belgian ballet dancer
  • Koen Peeters (born 1959)Belgian writers
  • Koen Persoons (born 1983)Belgian footballer
  • Koen Pijpers (born 1969)Dutch field hockey player
  • Koen Ridder (born 1985)Dutch badminton player
  • Koen Schockaert (born 1978)Belgian footballer
  • Koen Sleeckx (born 1975)Belgian judoka
  • Koen Stam (born 1987)Dutch footballer
  • Koen Van Langendonck (born 1989)Belgian footballer
  • Koen Vandenbempt (born ca. 1970)Belgian organizational theorist
  • Koen Vanmechelen (born 1965)Belgian artist
  • Koen van de Laak (born 1982)Dutch footballer
  • Koen van Nol (born 1974)Dutch judoka
  • Koen van Velsen (born 1952)Dutch architect
  • Koen Vervaeke (born 1959)Belgian diplomat
  • Koen Verweij (born 1990)Dutch speed skater
  • Koen Wauters (born 1967)Belgian singer and television presenter
  • Koen Weuts (born 1990)Belgian footballer
  • Koenraad Francine Gaston "Koen" DillenBelgian MEP

Koen in Pop Culture

  • Koen Westmain character on TV's Cleverman