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The name Katniss is a girl's name .

Katniss Everdeen is the heroine of the popular Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, whose name comes from the (very real) edible aquatic plant of the genus Sagittaria. Katniss's father tells her that if she "finds herself," she'll never go hungry. Other unusual botanical names in the series include Primrose, Posy, Rue, and Clove, all for girls. Several of the boys' names come from ancient Rome: Cato, Seneca, Flavius, Caesar. Katniss the name has less appeal than Katniss the heroine, though it's definitely more attractive than Renesmee.

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MotherofKatniss Says:


Happy to meet another mother of a Katniss. :)

MotherofKatniss Says:


I also have a Katniss. We get asked if she's named after the Hunger Games and we shrug. The very real flower that I used to see while hiking with my dad is the actual inspiration for her name. I obviously thought it was pretty.

Miri Says:


I love this name, and the Hunger Games, but I can't see myself naming a child Katniss.

Eliza1303 Says:


So planned on naming my future kid this when the hunger games first came out but I grew out of it. Sounds like a little too much but I would love meeting a little kid named katniss.

Catgirlmri Says:


Yes, definitely. That way, the kid can choose whether they want it or not.

Daiseymae Says:


Reminds me of "cat piss". Terrible.

alyssum Says:


Agreed. It's a cool, not-too-overpoweringly-flowery botanical name, and I love the sound (yeah, I can see the "cat piss" thing, but it seems like a stretch to me, and honestly, if the kids I grew up with could make insulting words out of "Lizzy," no name is safe). I just wouldn't want everyone to hear the name and automatically roll their eyes because they're thinking of it as a pop culture reference.

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


I don't see any major issues in this name. Sure there are some not particularly nice nicknames, but every name has its downside. Katniss Everdeen was a strong woman, who worked extremely hard, and it all payed off, but she was also incredibly kind, (SPOILER ALERT) in the first movie, she couldn't bring herself to kill Peeta. Katniss Everdeen grew up with not a lot of great things, but she is still a very strong woman, who deserves for her beautiful name to be heard not just in literature.

headintheclouds Says:


Katniss IMO doesn't work all that well in real life, sounds too much like cat piss, and even in the book itself Katniss is called catnip. Aesthetics aside, Katniss is very much a one-association name like Daenerys, Sherlock, Anakin, Hannibal. Of all the names that should rise and have risen in popularity from the Hunger Games-- Primrose, Rue, Finnick, Effie, Cressida are more deserving and much better choices.

(And can we just appreciate how influential Katniss was in starting out a rash of out-there character names in YA books? Particularly within the YA dystopian genre. Some of the names do work within the context of the world, while others are just so YA-cliche that they make me roll my eyes hard and giggle.)

beachbear Says:


I always think of catnip. And the Hunger Games, which I admittedly haven't read/watched.

EvelinRose Says:


Honestly I find Renesmee both more appealing to the ear and to the eye than Katniss, but with the associations of both names.... Katniss wins.

grace147 Says:


In my opinion, if you really like it, go for it. However, you will definitely find people who will think you are obsessed with the hunger games and that you have no originality. Also, you're daughter will have to endure a lifetime of hunger games jokes.

lizway Says:


Better than Khaleesi.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I know, I know! I am so messed up. ;p

autumnreverie Says:


Cat piss. No, thanks.

autumnreverie Says:


"Haters"? Right.

autumnreverie Says:



autumnreverie Says:


You find Renesmee to be better than Katniss? Yikes.

autumnreverie Says:


It doesn't sound pleasant. It's too close to cat pee.

gummybear0724 Says:


Thousands, millions, of little girls are named Bella but nobody seems to care. And it was a name before the book.

RoddyThlayli Says:


I don't dislike the name Katniss, but I think using it after the Hunger Games hype has gone down a bit would be better, because at the moment basically everyone is automatically going to connect them.

MonaBerry Says:


Naming your child Dick is preferable to naming them Asshole in principle. Doesn't make it any better in reality.

Zelliew Says:


I agree. Sometimes authors choose "over the top names" for emphasis. They don't work so well in everyday life.

DaisyMaisie Says:


i don`t actually like this name so much, even though i love the series and think they`re genius and all.

Oynxkitten30 Says:


Same, grammar and spelling nowadays is a dissappointment.

ridersienna Says:


If anyone told me their name was Katniss, I would automatically think "HUNGER GAMES" and do the Mockingjay 3 finger salute at them. I kinda feel sorry for anyone with that name born before the Hunger Games

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I literally cringed when I read that.

HeyItsAvery12 Says:


I'm also guessing, Your favourite subject wasn't also English

September C Fawkes Says:


This entry is missing one of the most important facts. "Katniss" is an old word that relates to arrows and archery. It means "arrowhead" or something of the sort.

DaemeonRose Says:


I wish people would stop judging others simply by first impressions. A name or the way we look is not what defines us. If you don't like somebody else's name don't just say it. Keep it to yourself,please. I will admit. There are certain names I dislike a lot but I know great people with those names!

DaemeonRose Says:


I think that if a parent is mature enough to care for and raise a child they are mature enough to determine weather or not a name is appropriate. Though I would not name my child this it is every person's own decision whether or not to use this name. If a person judges another person simply by their name then that person's opinion is biased and invalid.

TaliaCat Says:


I want to name my next cat this, spelled CATNESS

MarieLalie Says:


It doesn't sound bad. My first language isn't english so the cat piss thing doesn't bother me at all. What it bothers me is that name will give your child no identity. If you name your daughter Katniss it's going to be way too obvious you named her because of The Hunger Games, because really? Who knew this name before the series? It's not like Isabella or Beatrice or Harry that are names with rich history and that have been around there for ages. Pick Katherine or one of its variations and use Katniss as a nickname but Katniss is a bit over the top. Give your children a name they can make their own

Taylor_23 Says:


its not the name that's bad, just the way that people think of it, for some people, as soon as they think of katniss they think of hunger games and what the movie is about, which leads to Katniss and killing

raevynstar Says:


I like it now, but ONLY as a nickname for Kathleen.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Can someone delete my comment? !

Jennifer Lawrence Says:


Okay. Katniss is a better name than Renesmee by a long shot, but even if you people think it sounds like 'cat piss' or 'katnip' then it's just the way you read things and your mind works. I get that, but just don't be dissing a name just because it sounds weird to you.

Jennifer Lawrence Says:


Don't be a hater. It may look funny and contain everything that you just said, but I actually think it's a pretty and unique name.

Jennifer Lawrence Says:


Well, it doesn't matter what parents name their child. Okay, I named my daughter Katniss.

Jennifer Lawrence Says:


I picked Katniss for her name because me and her father thought it was a pretty and unique name. Also her middle name is Fire, her father picked that out, but the kids at school call her Fire because Katniss seems to like that name better. Though it's not better.

ShannonLim Says:


What's her middle name? o: And just curious, why did you pick Katniss as her first name?

Jennifer Lawrence Says:


I named my daughter Katniss. For a lot of reasons, but she isn't made fun of at school. Some kids know her name is Katniss. But she uses her middle name and some kids think it's an awesome name. So don't be haters.

Caroline Says:


I don't like it. I'm tired of kat names like this. Its too common!

summerrae Says:


I didn't even like this name for a fictional character. Do not, I repeat DO NOT name your child this.

kiki Says:


I like the hunger games but really?

CaityLaw Says:


I actually think the name is very cute, but maybe in a few years once the movie dies down. So not many catch onto it or bully them.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


Good lord I'm pretty sure my four year old brother can form sentences that are more correct than that. Do you even know what the word substantial means?

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


It's hard to be insulted when your English is that horrendous.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


*you *suck

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I'm guess your favourite subject wasn't english?

raevynstar Says:


*derisive snort* Yes, really.

jan11th Says:


i would only use this if she were always called Kat.

raevynstar Says:


Sorry....but I stand by what I said.

kittykate928 Says:


While better than Renesmee because it is a real, actual plant instead of a name mash-up, don't name your child Katniss. The Hunger Games is great and all, but the name is way to similar to a phrase used for a felines urine.

raevynstar Says:


At least I use correct grammar.

theREALellendegenerusofficialw Says:


hoo u callin troll u is the troll
u is troll 2 haha ur a dumb movie

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I don't care

theREALellendegenerusofficialw Says:


u r boring and have no appeal u is the one who isnt very substantial

theREALellendegenerusofficialw Says:


u suk the haunger games is awesome

theREALellendegenerusofficialw Says:


u suk

theREALellendegenerusofficialw Says:


yall is just h8ters

theREALellendegenerusofficialw Says:


Yay i love the hunger games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest Says:


It sounds too much like catnip to me. This name should be left in the books.

HatGirl Says:


3 reasons i don't like this name. 1) hunger games 2) kat 3) it looks funny

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I don't like this name too much because it looks lile two words stick together. I never actually considered the "cat p-ss rhyme. Then again, I don't like the Hunger Games too much. But Renesmee really isn't too bad. I think this is worse

ambg Says:


Rhymes too easily with cat piss. The Hunger Games are fun to read and all, but this is not a good name for a kid and it'll be even worse when that series has faded out of the pop culture landscape.

leonoras Says:


I like the name in the context of the book, but in real life, it's just too much.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Boring and has no appeal... just like the series from which it comes. After people started calling her Catnip, well you can see that it isn't very substantial. Just my opinion, folks.

Giinkies Says:


Change the 'n' to a 'p' and that pretty much sums up my first and only impression of the name.

lesliemarion Says:


This name annoys me intensely for whatever reasons. It is better than Reneesmee or however that abomination is spelled because anything would be. Katniss rhymes with cat ----- (synonym for urine), which is enough right there.

CocoWhite Says:


The name itself isn't all that bad, but its association with The Hunger Games pretty much rules it out for me.

Tay2thestars Says:


I don't think it's too bad...but I feel like Katherine with the nickname Katniss is more ideal.

raevynstar Says:


Why use this when you can use better names from the same series?????

And for boys, Peter (like Peeta but usable), or Finn (like Finnick)?

dramagrl19 Says:


This is terrible. DO NOT name your kid this.

Analia Says:


Please don't, just don't

mrs_anton_yelchin1990 Says:


I dont think naming a child after a movie/book character is a big deal. Its just when there is only that one HUGE association that would make me nix it.

BrooksGates Says:


PLEASE Don't name your child after a movie character... I dont want to meet any little girls named Daenerys or Sansa either