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Gender: M Origin of Kale: Modern invented name

Whether you think of it as Cale with a K, or a pet form of Kalen or Kaleb, this is just the kind of short, synthetic name finding a lot of favor now, but remember -- it's also the name of a vegetable.

Famous People Named Kale

Charles Teetai "Kale" Ane III, American NFL player
David Charles "Kale" Browne, American actor
Kale Cezario, Ghanaian politician
Kale Kyetaungnyo, 15th century King of Ava, Burma
Kale Williams, American civil rights activist

Pop Culture References for the name Kale

Kale, character in animated series Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders
Kale, a character in film A Perfect Getaway
Kale Brecht, main character in film Disturbia
Kale Ingram, character on TV series Rubicon
Kale, princess in Heather Dixon's "Entwined"