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Gender: F Origin of Jinx: Word name

Jinx, a James Bond heroine name has an ominous meaning but kinetic energy. In the film "Die Another Day," the actual first name of the character played by Halle Berry is Giacinta.

Famous People Named Jinx

Eugenia "Jinx" Falkenburg (1919-2003), model and talk radio host
Jinkx Monsoon, American drag performer, winner of RuPaul's Drag Race season 5

Pop Culture References for the name Jinx

Jinx Shannon, Mary's mother on the TV show "In Plain Sight"
The Americanism "jinx" means "to bring bad luck"
Jinks, clerk in "The Pickwick Papers," by Charles Dickens
Jinx was the name of the central character of one of the on-going series of stories in the British girls' comic and magazine "Girl" during the 1950s
Jynx, a Pokemon species
Jinx, a DC villain appearing in the comic book and CN cartoon "Teen Titans"
Jinx, a character in League of Legends
Jinx, a character(Male) in jak II: renegade

Jinxx, Jynx