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Gender: M Meaning of Janus: "gateway" Origin of Janus: Greek

The meaning of this ancient Roman god's name relates to transitions, hence its connection to the name of the first month of the new year, a time of fresh beginnings. Janus is usually depicted as a two-faced god facing in opposite directions, since he looks both to the future and the past. The Slavic form Janusz is more commonly used than the English, represented by the Polish cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, who has shot all of Steven Spielberg's films from Schindler's List to Lincoln.

But with January having been taken over by the girls, why not consider Janus? One caveat: it does sound a lot like the female Janice.

Famous People Named Janus

Pop Culture References for the name Janus

Janus Cars, a fictional company on BBC's "Sherlock"
Janus, one of the branches of the Cahill family in "The 39 Clues" book series, descended from Jane Cahill
Janus Films, American distribution company
Janus, birth name of the character Magus from the video game "Chrono Trigger"
Janus Weathercock, pen name used by poisoner Thomas Griffiths Wainewright in his 1820-3 contributions to "The London Magazine"
Mr. Janus, extraterrestrial whom Sir Peter Horsley met with according to his autobiography "Sounds From Another Room"
Also pronounced "JAY-nus" - think Jane, not Janice

Janan, Janiusz, Jannus, Jannese, Janusz