Scottish variation of Isabel
"pledged to God"

Isobel Origin and Meaning

The name Isobel is a girl's name of Scottish origin meaning "pledged to God".
The Scottish spelling of Isabel has a definite character of her own, the 'o' giving her an extra infusion of strength but also an element of confusion. How do you pronounce that? Answer: Exactly like Isabel or Isabelle.

Isobels have appeared on several high-profile TV shows: Isobel Crawley is Matthew's mother on Downton Abbey, Isobel Fleming is a Vampire Diaries character, and Isobel Stevens was known as Izzie on Grey's Anatomy.

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Famous People Named Isobel

  • Isobel BaillieScottish operatic soprano
  • Isobel Barnett (born Isobel Morag Marshall)Scottish radio and TV personality
  • Isobel BuchananScottish operatic soprano
  • Isobel CampbellScottish singer,songwriter formerly of band Belle and Sebastian
  • Isobel ElsomEnglish actress
  • Isobel Dorothy "Bel" PowleyEnglish actress
  • Isobel GowdieScottish woman convicted of witchcraft in 1662
  • Isobel Hawkingmother of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking
  • Isobel of Huntingdongreat,grandmother of Robert the Bruce of Scotland
  • Isobel JoyceIrish cricketer
  • Isobel Selina "Belle" Miller KuhnCanadian missionary to China
  • Isobel LennartAmerican screenwriter
  • Isobel "Bel" PowleyBritish actress
  • Isobel Mary RedmondAustralian politician
  • Isobel Kelly O'Brien (b. 2013)daughter of actress Jessica St. Clair and playwright Dan O'Brien

Isobel in Pop Culture

  • Isobel Flemmingcharacter on TV's "The Vampire Diaries"
  • Dr. Isobel Katherine "Izzie" Stevenscharacter on TV's "Grey's Anatomy"
  • Isobel Lanleymain character in the Nevermore book series by Kelly Creagh
  • Isobel Crawleycharacter on TV's "Downton Abbey"
  • Isobel Kearneycharacter on New Zealand soap "Shortland Street"
  • Isobel Martincharacter in "The Night Circus"
  • Isobel MacDougalcharacter in J.K. Rowling's "The Original Forty"
  • "Isobel" song by Bjork
  • "Isobel" song by Dido
  • Isobel Pickwellcharacter on TV's Bad Education