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Gender: F

Variation of Imogen

Famous People Named Imogene

Eamogene "Imogene" Coca, American actress
Imogene Robinson Morrell, American painter
Imogene Powers Johnson, American billionaire of S.C. Johnson & Son
Imogene Lynn, American jazz singer
Imogene Audette Burkhart, birth name of Jean Byron, American actress
Imogene King, American nursing theorist
Imogene Bliss, American actress
(Mary) Imogene Robertson aka Mary Nolan, American actress, singer and dancer
Imogene Wolodarsky (b. 2002), American actress, daughter of screenwriters Maya Forbes and Wallace Wolodarsky

Pop Culture References for the name Imogene

Imogene Gilfeather, main character in novel "Starting from Happy" by Patricia Marx
Imogene, main character in movie "Girl Most Likely"
Imogene "Idgie" Threadgoode, character in book/film "Fried Green Tomatoes"
Imogene Herdman, character in "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" by Barbara Robinson
Imogene, character in "Addie Pray" by Joe David Brown and movie "Paper Moon"
Imogene Graham, character in "Indian Summer" by William Dean Howells
Imogene Cochran, character in 2009 film "Drool"
Imogene, character in opera "Il pirata" by Vincenzo Bellini
"Imogene," instrumental song by Les Reed
Imogène, character in Charles Exbrayat's novel series
Aunt Imogene, character in 2010 movie "Alice in Wonderland"
Imogene O'Neil, character in TV miniseries "Meteor"