Gender: Male Meaning of Ichabod: "the glory is gone" Origin of Ichabod: Hebrew

Ichabod Origin and Meaning

The name Ichabod is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "the glory is gone".

Ichabod, an eccentric Old Testament name, is forever tied to the character of Ichabod Crane -- and worse, the teasing possibilities of "icky bod." Even its original meaning is a negative. Skip Ichabod, as if you were ever tempted.

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Ikavod, Ikabod


Renee5322 Says:


It's an interesting literary name but I'm not sure it would work on a little boy today, though Iggy could be a nickname instead of Icky. I like it mainly because of its uniqueness and Sleepy Hollow association. Pleasantly surprised so many on here are defending it, though.

Shannah Helman Says:


It's a cool name for a black horse, though. :D

mymel0dy Says:


I find I like names that nb tends to rally against, and this one is no different. I think there is something quirky and almost cool about Ichabod. As for a nickname, while Icky is not so good, Iggy could work in it's place.

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


Ichabod Crane isn't a negative connection, to me at least. True, the original portrayal of the character was far from flattering, but as time has passed his image has become quite a charming one - moving away from the poor, lanky school-teacher to become the proud and accomplished interpretation that Tom Milson embodies in the recent "Sleepy Hollow" tv show.

Still, the character aside, I do like this name and, yes Nameberry, I am 'tempted'. It has a gentle sound, an old-school appeal, and it's different! I like boy names that take a step away from repetition, that are set apart from the same basic looks, sounds and styles that most boy names today are made up of. Ichabod is a vibrant choice that I honestly believe is cute but mature, and grand, but I also think that it's very down-to-Earth as it doesn't set up an expectation of character, e.g. - Ichabod could be a sporty jock just as easily as he could be a shy, effeminate type, or a boy more in between.

I will say that the potential "Icky" nickname does set my teeth on edge but, I don't agree with abandoning perfectly decent names based on what ifs. Overall, I definitely have a soft spot for Ichabod and it's very quickly becoming a favourite of mine.

Zell Says:


Wow, nb really hates this name. Somehow, despite the literary association, the unfortunate first syllable, and the negative meaning, I really like it. I don't know that I would name a child Ichabod--the reaction I get from people is universally thumbs down--but I would be proud to bear this name myself.

Moony Says:


Perhaps a 5 year old might say "Icky-Ichabod" once or twice but, beyond that, I don't see it as being an issue. Like Ebenezer and Bartholomew, Ichabod is due for a spot in the limelight as a generally versatile, original classic that is both handsome and charming. Not to mention, it's wonderfully rare and would thus offer a breath of fresh air in amongst the tiresome tidalwave of Ezras, Isaacs, Noahs and Ashers. All in all, it's an awesome choice and I would encourage more people to consider it, especially now, what with the popular tv show Sleepy Hollow.

Filthy Peasant Says:


Nope, disagree. Ichabod is a great name.

Noelle van der Veen Says:


Tom Mison makes this name far more atractive than it used to be.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


Sounds a lot like 'itch-a-bod'. Bod as in body, so basically itch a body.

vintageluvs Says:


Why do I find this name so tempting? Despite nb's warning, I really love this name. It's fierce yet old manly. If other Biblical stalwarts like Moses and Isaac are now becoming popular, why not Ichabod? I could see Ichabod nn Ike working. Maybe not for everyone, but I can still see this work. One of my many Puritan ancestors was named Ichabod, which might be another reason why I'm so attracted to it.