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Gender: F Meaning of Hillary: "happy, cheerful" Origin of Hillary: Latin from Greek

Hillary is a lovely name that, for the moment at least, is tightly bound to an individual with a strong image: Hillary Clinton. Whatever your feelings about Mrs. Clinton, her fame now dominates the name, making it feel less baby-ready than it deserves to be. Hillary as a name has so much going for it: the popular, rhythmic three-syllable structure, the fact that it's strong but light, proper but jaunty, with an irresistible meaning -- having the same root as hilarious. The Italian Ilaria may be one way to make the name fresh.

Traditionally, Hilary was the form used for males and Hillary for females, but since there are so few boy Hilarys these days, that tradition has fallen by the wayside. A few other modern notables have laid claim to the name: musicians Hilary du Pre and Hilary Hahn, and actresses Hilary Swank and Hilary Duff.

Famous People Named Hillary

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, American politician--
former First Lady, NY state senator, U.S. secretary of state, first woman to be a general-election candidate for U.S. President
Hillary Brooke (born Beatrice Sofia Mathilda Peterson), American actress
Hillary Wolf, American actress
Hillary Lindsey, American singer-songwriter
Hillary Bailey Smith, American actress
Hillary Dawn Scott, American country singer
Hillary Madison Hess (b. 2011), daughter of American television hostess Samantha Harris

Pop Culture References for the name Hillary

Hillary Whitney Essex, character in book/movie "Beaches"
Hillary Banks, character on TV's "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"