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Gender: M

Variation of Herbert

Famous People Named Herb

Herbert 'Herb' McGinley/Airey/Lewis, pet dog of YouTube personalities Wroetoshaw, Calfreezy and Callux
Herb Alpert, American musician and bandleader
Herbert Paul "Herb" Brooks, American ice hockey player and coach
Herbert Allen "Herb" Adderley, American NFL player
Herbert H. "Herb" Kohl, U.S. Senator from Wisconsin
Herbert Eser "Herb" Gray, Canadian politician
Herbert "Herb" Edelman, American actor

Pop Culture References for the name Herb

Herbert "Herb" Powell, Homer's half-brother on "The Simpsons"
Herb Overkill, character in the film "Minions"
Herb Copperbottom, character in the movie "Robots"