German, diminutive of Johann

Hanno Origin and Meaning

The name Hanno is a boy's name of German origin.
Nicknames ending in o are invariably cute, though this one suffers from sounding too much like the popular girls' name Hannah.

Hanno Popularity

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Famous People Named Hanno

  • Hanno the NavigatorCarthaginian explorer of the sixth or fifth century BC
  • Hanno the Elder (died 204 BC)Carthaginian general
  • Hanno I the Great (4th century BC)Carthaginian politician and military leader
  • Hanno II the Great (3rd century BC)wealthy Carthaginian aristocrat
  • Hanno III the Great (2nd century BC)ultra,conservative Carthaginian politician
  • Hannoson of Hannibal, Carthaginian general in the First Punic War
  • HannoMessana garrison commander, Carthaginian general in The First Punic War
  • Hannoson of Bomilcar, Carthaginian officer in the Second Punic War
  • Hanno Balitsch (born 1981)German footballer
  • Hanno Behrens (born 1990)German footballer
  • Hanno DirksenSouth African rugby player
  • Hanno Douschan (born 1989)Austrian snowboarder
  • Hanno Drechsler (19312003), political scientist
  • Hanno Essén (born 1948)Swedish physicist
  • Hanno Grossschmidt (born 1973)Estonian architect
  • Hanno Kitshoff (born 1984)South African rugby player
  • Hanno Koffler (born 1980)German actor and musician
  • Hanno MelzerGerman rower
  • Hanno Möttölä (born 1976)Finnish basketball player
  • Hanno Pevkur (born 1977)Estonian politician
  • Hanno Pöschl (born 1949)Austrian television actor
  • Hanno Rund (19251993), mathematician
  • Hanno Selg (born 1932)Estonian pentathlete
  • Hanno Soth (born 1964)real estate developer in Bali, Indonesia
  • Hanno TeutebergSouth African naval officer

Hanno in Pop Culture

  • Hanno Hathcharacter in William Nicholson's 'Wind on Fire' series
  • Hannopet white elephant of Pope Leo X

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