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Gender: F

Italian variation of Giselle.

Spanish variation of Giselle.

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Famous People Named Gisela

Gisela of Hungary, blessed Queen consort of Saint Stephen of Hungary
Gisela of Swabia, Queen and Empress consort of Conrad II
Gisela, Abbess of Chelles, daughter of Pepin the Short
Gisela Louise Marie, Archduchess of Austria; daughter of Franz Joseph I
Gisela, daughter of Charles the Simple of West Francia
Gisela, Duchess of Friuli, wife of Eberhard of Friuli
Gisela of Burgundy, Duchess of Bavaria
Gisela Lladó Cánovas, Spanish pop singer
Gisela Dulko, Argentine tennis player
(Sonia Mercedes) Gisela Valcárcel, Peruvian TV presenter
Gisela Marie Augusta Richter, English archaeologist
Gisela Stuart, German-British MP
Gisela Steineckert, German writer and lyricist
Gisela Elsner, German novelist

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